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The Best Meat Offers are at Huber Fleisch GmbH


We Are a Family Company

First of all, we wish you a warm greeting to our website which represents our family company, Huber Fleisch GmbH. We are a family company which specializes in producing Meat specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten), and producing other types of meat such as lamb (Lammfleisch), beef (Rindfleisch), and specialties made from them.

Our story begins all the way back in 1983, when we, a married couple, Elke Huber and Siegfried Huber have founded Huber Fleisch GmbH. Our beginnings, just like every beginning was tough. However, today, we are a German meat company that has one of the biggest meat offers (Fleisch Angebote) in the whole Germany and in the European Union.

Our Meat specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten)

Our meat offers (Fleisch Angebote) includes lamb (Lammfleisch), beef (Rindfleisch), and it also includes Meat specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten). Although we have a great assortment of lamb meat, beef (Rindfleisch), veal, pork, and other types of meat products, we take our pride the most in our specialties made from meat.

At our company you can find specialties made from meat or order them from us such as:

  • Münchner Weißwurst
  • Currywurst
  • Sauerbraten
  • Bratwurst

These Meat specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten) are only a part of specialties made from meat which you can find at our meat company. After you purchase or order some of our specialties made from meat, be sure to check our other meat offers (Fleisch Angebote), such as our assortment of lamb (Lammfleisch), beef (Rindfleisch), pork meat, veal meat, and other types of meat.

Order from Us

We at Huber Fleisch are fully aware how restaurants and hotel kitchens are in the constant need of fresh and high-quality meat, and that is why we have introduced our meat delivery service.

So, if you need local German Meat specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten), beef (Rindfleisch),  lamb (Lammfleisch), or any other type of meat, contact us and make an arrangement with us on how much meat you need to be delivered by us and how many times per week you need it. You can also arrive at our headquarters at Wengertstraße 7, 74626 Bretzfeld, and see what meat offers (Fleisch Angebote) we have in our offer.

Contact Info

If you want us to deliver you daily with fresh meat and fresh Meat specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten), your only task is to contact us at our phone number 07946/8431.

If you have no time to call us, you can always send us an email at info@huber-fleisch.de.

Hueber Fleisch GmbH – Best on the German Meat Market


We Are the Best Company on the German Meat Market (Fleisch- und Wurstmarkt)

Huber Fleisch GmbH is one of the largest German companies that specializes in the distribution of meat all accross Germany and all across Europe. Our Meat Counter (Fleisch- und Wursttheke) is abundant in various types of meat including lamb (Lammfleisch), veal, pork, minced meat, ground beef, and other meat offers (Fleisch Angebote). All meat you can order from us this moment is fresh and high-quality meat.

Because we have such an abundant offer of meat offers (Fleisch Angebote), and because our meat has undergone special strict quality controls before it arrives to your address, we freely consider ourselves one of the best German companies on the European Meat Market (Fleisch- und Wurstmarkt).

We Import Meat and Process It

Our meat assortment is one of the largest meat assortments in Germany and the European Union since we import meat daily from the best German slaughterhouses. Once we make our daily import of our Meat Offers (Fleisch Angebote), we process that meat import at our certified and high-quality cutting plants. After we have processed meat at our high-end cutting plants, we pack it and send it to the German Meat Market (Fleisch- und Wurstmarkt).

We Co-operate With Restaurants, Hotels, and other Hospitality Companies

If you own a restaurant, hotel, or any other hospitality facility in Germany or in any other country in the European Union and you need fresh meat offers (Fleisch Angebote) and fresh lamb  (Lammfleisch) daily, we can be the ones who will deliver you that.

At the moment, our meat company delivers our meat products to various meat markets in Germany and to various hotels, restaurants, bistros, and other hospitality facilities. If your meat market (Fleisch- und Wurstmarkt) needs fresh offers of lamb (Lammfleisch) and other Meat Counter (Fleisch- und Wursttheke) offers, then feel free to contact us and make an arrangement with us on us delivering you meat daily or several times per week.

Need More Information?

If you have questions and dilemmas about our lamb (Lammfleisch) products, our Meat Counter (Fleisch- und Wursttheke), our meat offers (Fleisch Angebote), feel free to contact us at our phone number 07946/8431 or contact us at our email address info@huber-fleisch.de.

Huber Fleisch – We Have the Largest Meat Specialties


Our Meat Specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten) Product Range

At Huber Fleisch GmbH, you can find only the best Meat Specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten) and other meat products such as Pork, beef, veal, lamb (Schweine-, Rind-, Kalb-, Lammfleisch), and poultry (Geflügel) that were produced in Germany.

Our product range not only consists of pork and beef (Schweine- und Rindfleisch), and from Pork, beef, veal, lamb (Schweine-, Rind-, Kalb-, Lammfleisch), but it also consists of ground beef and veal. All of the specialties made of meat you can find at our company are the products of the highest quality that underwent strict controls before they were put up for sale and distributed all over Germany and further.

Our QS System

All Meat Specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten) you can find at our company, including our Pork, beef, veal, lamb (Schweine-, Rind-, Kalb-, Lammfleisch) is produced in accordance to the QS System. The QS Quality System is a food process quality and food safety quality reference system. We also make our poultry (Geflügel) according to the QS Food Quality System.

Also, we mark our every meat product on its packaging with the blue QS System mark, which can ensure you that the meat you have received has undergone several special and strict controls before it was packed and dispatched to you.

Our Pork and Beef (Schweine- und Rindfleisch) Products

We at Huber Fleisch GmbH especially take pride in our Pork and Beef (Schweine- und Rindfleisch) meat specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten), especially in our specialties made from pork meat.

Each day, our experts carefully embrace the decomposition of pig halves and pig parts and take them to our certified meat cutting plant at which we produce our specialties made from pork. This also implies on our Pork, beef, veal, lamb (Schweine-, Rind-, Kalb-, Lammfleisch) products and specialties made from them.

We Welcome You

If you own a hospitality facility and need daily amount of fresh and high-quality Pork, beef, veal, lamb (Schweine-, Rind-, Kalb-, Lammfleisch), feel free to contact us at 07946/8431.

We at Huber Fleisch GmbH are looking forward to introduce you to our high-quality poultry (Geflügel), and to other Meat Specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten) we produce.

Huber Fleisch – We Have the Highest Quality Meat Specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten) in Germany


Our Meat Specialties

We at Huber Fleisch GmbH have a plethora of Meat Specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten) that we make by ourselves or that we import from other meat shops from all across the Germany. Our offer of Meat Specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten) includes beef (Rindfleisch) specialties, veil meat specialties, Wurst specialties, and other types of specialties made from meat.

So, if you are planning a big celebration and need for your party of Meat Specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten) of the highest quality, you should order them from us. The only two reasons that will make you order our specialties made from meat are affordability and high-quality.

Our Meat Offers(Fleisch Angebote)

Besides you can order from us any product from our wide range of Meat Specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten), you are also able to order from us our Meat Offers (Fleisch Angebote).

Some other types of meat that you can order directly from our European Union-approved meat cutting plant include:

  • Beef (Rindfleisch)
  • Pork
  • Veal
  • Lamb
  • Minced Meat
  • Ground Beef

Our Meat Offers (Fleisch Angebote) is one of the largest offers of meat in the whole Germany. That is the reason why we are one of the best meat companies in the whole Germany and the European Union. Although we can talk for hours that our beef beef (Rindfleisch), pork and beef (Schweine- und Rindfleisch), and our other types of meat are the best, don’t believe us, but see it for yourself by ordering any of our Meat Offers (Fleisch Angebote).

Our Meat is Healthy Meat

We are fully aware how restaurants, meat shops, hotels and other facilities are in the need of quality and healthy meat, so we have added an HAACP operational concept to our production of our Meat Offers (Fleisch Angebote), including our pork and beef (Schweine- und Rindfleisch), beef (Rindfleisch), and to our meat specialties (Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten).

Thanks to our HAACP standard that applies to our meat products, we can proudly say that our meat is healthy meat.

Have Questions?

If you have any additional questions about our Meat Offers (Fleisch Angebote), don’t hesitate and give us a call at our phone number 07946/8431, we will answer you immediately and answer all your queries.

Huber Fleisch – We Have the Best Meat Offers (Fleisch Angebote) in Germany


The Best Meat for You

Are you a restaurant, hotel, or a bistro that needs some quality meat (Fleisch) and quality meat offers (Fleisch Angebote)? If your answer is positive, then we have some good news for you. We at Huber Fleisch have the best meat offers (Fleisch Angebote) for you! No other German meat company has such an enormous meat (Fleisch) assortment as we.

Whether you need high-quality lamb (Lammfleisch) or high-end poultry (Geflügel) or any other type of meat (Fleisch)  for you. We also have some quality veal and beef in our offer. All in all, our meat is the best meat for you.

We Deliver Meat (Fleisch)

Our company, Huber Fleisch GmbH is able to deliver any type of meat (Fleisch) to any address in Germany and in other countries where meat delivery from Germany is legal.

At the moment we deliver our meat offers to over 50 various restaurants, companies, bistros, restaurants, and meat shops. We invite you to become our client and order from us our lamb (Lammfleisch), poultry (Geflügel), beef, veal, and other types of meat that come straight from our certified meat cutting plant. Once you order our meat (Fleisch), it will be dispatched the same moment after you make an order and it will arrive to your German or any other dress in 24-48 hours.

Quality of Our Meat

The meat (Fleisch) we produce at our meat cutting plant is the meat of the highest quality. Before we pack the meat that comes straight from our meat cutting plant, we perform strict check-ups of every meat type we have produced before we pack it, including our lamb (Lammfleisch), poultry (Geflügel).

What you should be aware of is that our meat products are complied with the extremely strict requirements of the so-called QS quality system, which is a reference system for food safety and process quality. This means that once our lamb (Lammfleisch) and poultry (Geflügel) arrives at your address, you can be sure that it is the meat that has undergone special controls before it was put up for sale.

Contact Us

If you have any queries about our meat (Fleisch), poultry (Geflügel), lamb (Lammfleisch), and our meat offers (Fleisch Angebote), feel free to contact us at 07946/8431.

You can also send us an email at info@huber-fleisch.de.

Offers at Huber Fleisch GmbH


We are a family business

First of all, we would like to welcome you on our website http://www.huber-fleisch.de, which is presented by our family business Huber Fleisch GmbH. We specialize in the production of meat and sausage specialties as well as the processing of lamb and beef and their products.

Our story begins in 1983 when we, a married couple, Elke and Siegfried Huber, founded Huber Fleisch GmbH. Every beginning is hard, so was ours. And yet we are today a German meat company with a wide range of meat.


Our meat and sausage specialties

Our range of meat ranges from lamb and beef to meat and sausage specialties. Although we have a large assortment of lamb, beef, veal and pork as well as other varieties of meat products, we are proud of our meat specialties.


You will find meat specialties, which you can also comfortably order with us, such as:

  • White sausage
  • Currywurst
  • Sauerbraten
  • Bratwurst
  • Steaks
  • Shreds
  • Lamb meat
  • Pork meat
  • Poultry
  • Veal
  • Beef
  • And many more meat varieties …


These are only a few meat and sausage specialties that you will find here. If you order or buy from us, keep an eye out for our meat offerings, such as our range of lamb, beef and pork, or different types of minced meat.





Order with us

We at Huber Fleisch GmbH know exactly how to handle the constant demand for fresh and high-quality meat in the restaurants and kitchens. That’s why we introduced our meat delivery service.

So if you need local German meat and sausage specialties, beef or lamb meat or other types of meat, please contact us. We agree with you how much meat you want to get delivered and how often in the week. You can also visit us at Wengertstr. 7, 74626 Bretzfeld-Siebeneich, Germany and at the same time our meat offers.


Contact Information

If you would like to be supplied with fresh meat and sausage specialties every day, just call us under the telephone number0 79 46/84 31.

Should you have no time for a phone call, you can contact us at any time

Send an e-mail to info@huber-fleisch.de.

Huber Fleisch GmbH – Our History


Today the decomposition and trading company Huber Fleisch GmbH was founded in 1983 by Siegfried and Elke Huber. Over the years, it has been decided to convert the slaughterhouse into a pure dismantling and trading company, and to expand it to specialize in cutting and trading. The slaughter of their own animals was thus given to surrounding slaughterhouses. By selecting or buying our animals from the farmer, we have the best influence on quality and freshness from our own region.

Our services for your success

We have daily fresh pork and beef from our own decomposition.

Short term delivery free of charge from Monday to Saturday also at the desired time is possible by our own, modern vehicle fleet.

Since we are a medium-sized craftsman, we can be flexible and make special cut-outs for the counter or kitchen.

We have fresh processing and flake ice for daily production.

Daily fresh poultry is also available for your shop counter.

Deep-frozen assortment includes lamb meat, tripe, backspread diced, …

Our meat is vacuum-stored and pre-mature.


In our meat and sausage market you can also choose your product directly in the counter – also for private customers.

At present, we supply our meat products to various meat merchants as well as to private customers.


Looking for fresh meat?


If you are looking for fresh meat, please get in contact with us, we will be happy to help you!


Need moreinformation?


If you have any questions or suggestions about our products made from lamb meat, meat and sausage products or our meat offerings, please call 0 79 46/84 31 or send an e-mail to info@huber-fleisch. .